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Faircoop Beginner guide

# What really moves us

A deep and comprehensive transformation of all parts of society, including its values and structure. The new, self-managed society is based on autonomy and the abolition of all forms of domination: the state, capitalism, patriarchy, and all other forms that affect human relationships and with the natural environment. Conscious and strategic actions are needed to compost the obsolescent structures and recover those values and qualities that enable us to live a life in common. As the most promising entry point for the collective change we see a new economic system. This is giving people the opportunity to finally exit the vicious circle of capitalistic enslavement and its side effects, to find space for new ideas without boundaries and make possible the switch to a healthy life in balance with nature.

Disobedience implies, to some extent, to disobey certain laws or demands from dominant structures. Sometimes this becomes a civil duty when the law is considered wrongful. To understand this we refer to the difference between legal and just. Certain rules and laws might be legal on paper but cannot be considered just, which is often the case under repressive, fascistic or totalitarian governments. This can also indirectly or directly apply to western states, for example, when a government uses common taxes to finance 'lawful' war of aggression against another country and its civil society.

We follow and support the basic guidelines of cooperatives as they are driven by their participants, and based on mutual aid, self-responsibility, equality, democracy, and solidarity. Everybody can participate actively and equally in making decisions and setting policies. The accumulated capital, gained mainly through the value increase of our currency FairCoin, is reinvested in the development of the ecosystem and related projects. This way participants can have access to more self-empowering tools and a constantly growing network of goods and services within the Fair Economy.

One of our aims is to have decentralized organizational models of decisions and roles. By decentralizing our technology we prevent a central point of failure, thus avoiding that any authority can shut us down. We want to make sure that all participants can communicate, share ideas, work on projects or transfer value without repression or censorship. Distribution of political and economic power, combined with radical transparency, prevents abuse of roles with unique rights or access and thus prevents fraud, corruption or takeovers.

Capitalist modernity depends on the nation-state system, which in turn depends on a patriarchal and hierarchical collective mindset, deeply forged over centuries of humans oppressing humans. For the first time in history a combination of political awareness, weakness of the capitalist economy, and p2p cryptographic technology allows us to present serious and realistic alternatives to the current governing models. A global cooperative financial system gives us free and fair markets, a huge step forward. If this is combined with an unbreakable set of ethical values based on freedom, and democratic decision-making protocols, it starts to become a visible reality. If you believe life outside the state is possible, join FairCoop today.

We are driven by consensus

A dive into our methodology

Open assemblies and consensus

In open assemblies, the community decides on how to reach our common goals. Everybody can participate and make proposals for developments, changes, or projects to work on. When a proposal passes via consensus the respective proposal maker and the relevant working groups will take action. We organise both the global online meetings and the physical local node meetings in this way.

Self-organization and Value Distribution

The FairCoop ecosystem organizes itself through Open Cooperativism. Everybody is encouraged to participate with their individual skills and ideas, and take proactive responsibilities, thus helping the movement grow. Based on our innovative collaborative working tool, the participants can either volunteer their hours or claim a remuneration in faircoin to cover their needs. In this way we reward those who are bringing real value with their work into FairCoop, and the value distribution is done in a fair and decentralized way.

A dive into our methodology

We use


We use FairCoin FairCoin is an ethical digital currency, driven by the values of the FairCoop ecosystem and supported by a fast-growing global cooperative movement. It is decentralized, as with any other cryptocurency, but at the same time implements radical innovations that makes it unique in terms of ecological operation, stable value growth, ethical trade, savings and funding opportunities. Its development continues with the goal of creating a fair economic system for the Earth. Read more about Read more.

to build

Circular Economy

We are building a real and productive economy around FairCoin, with the creation of a circular use of products and services either at local or at a global level. More and more merchants, shops and producers worldwide trust faircoin as a means of exchange, taking advantage of its stable value and the various open and free tools designed to support it.

Fairmarket FairCoins worldwide

# Local Nodes

Apart from the global vision, multiple Local Nodes are being added to the FairCoop network all around the world, in order to connect local initiatives, groups and people to the ecosystem. This is a bidirectional relation that supports and realizes FairCoop’s goals in local communities while returning important feedback. It is a mutual aid network built to expand our economic system at the global level, through building local trust and supporting real economic activity.

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How to create a local node

# Some of the major milestones we have achieved so far

  • Made and are using an innovative, secure and ecological currency (FairCoin)
  • Started a fast-growing global network of local nodes
  • Opened a European cooperative framework (FreedomCoop)
  • Co-founded a cooperative bank (Bank of the Commons)
  • Built an online marketplace (FairMarket) and a collaborative working platform (OCP)
  • Haven't killed each other (yet) ;)