Open Cooperativism

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Bauwens’s proposals  include four key elements of what an open cooperative is: – Cooperatives must be statutorily oriented towards the common good. – Cooperatives need to have governance models that include all stakeholders. – Cooperatives must actively co-produce intangible and material common goods. – Social cooperatives should be politically organized on a global basis, even locally. These 4 elements are …


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There are many things in this world that don’t quite work and here we share some of those which FairCoop may help transform:

Promoter team

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Experience and a long history with integral cooperatives, p2p society, hacker ethics and cryptocurrencies unite us as promoters. Our political background includes significant and very different realities: The Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC) is a self-managed initiative centered on building a new society from below through self-organization and assembly-based action. Since May 2010, the CIC been weaving a network of …


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FairCoop: Earth’s cooperative for economic fairness is an open global cooperative, self-organized via the Internet and remaining outside nation-state control. Its aim is to make the transition to a new world by reducing the economic and social inequalities among human beings as much as possible, and at the same time gradually contribute to a new global wealth, accessible to …

Councils and Commissions

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We like to represent the Cooperative’s organization scheme as what we call Fair.Forest, a woodscape where each item is separate and distinct, yet part of a whole which gives them life, the ecosystem. Fair.Coop is quite similar to a forest; it has trees with branches, plants and flowers, soil and nutrients, butterflies, light… Everyone seems to have their own dynamics …


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Many of us know that a better world is possible, but too often great ideas, great projects contained in a seed ready to sprout and make a change just stay underground due to lack of resources. For that reason, in we have created the fair.funds, an ideal space for the seeds to grow, develop and eventually offer its fruit …


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A new world with cryptocurrencies The world of cryptocurrencies started with the enigmatic person or collective Satoshi Nakamoto. His origin or place of residence remains unknown. Everyone talks about him, but nobody really knows him. In 2008 he published his white paper, introducing a disruptive technology that would turn the global monetary system around, and would initiate the fall of …